What is the campervan capacity?

Our campervans have a capacity for two people (driving and sleeping). a foldable double bed (length 195 cm by 125 cm width) ensures sleeping. due to the versatility of our box, you will be able to transform it into a comfortable interior eating area simultaneously with “sofa” area.


Who can drive a campervan?

Any adult over 21 years old, holding a valid driving license for more than 3 years.

each rental includes one driver.

It’s possible to add one more driver by subscribing other type of protecction


Is there a minimum hiring period?


The minimum rental period is  2 days, but there are specific seasons where the minimum is 5 days.

However, please contact us if you have any questions or need any exception.


How can i make a booking?

The easiest way is by clicking on reservations, where you can choose the dates, pick-up and drop-off locations, extra equipment and additional protection.

You can also contact us filling our contact form or email us or by phone with all the questions to do the booking


How do I pay for a booking?

We charge 50% of the rental value in the reservation.

The remaining 50% have to be payed at the pick-up settled date:

– bank transfer;

– paypal;

– credit card, visa, mastercard.


What is the included equipment in the campervan?

Every rental includes the basic equipment,

However, in order for you to customize your holidays, you can choose additional equipment. check the list at extras .


Does the rental value includes insurance?


Every rental includesbasic protection, with a € 2.000 security deposit.

However, you can choose from:

standard protection: lowers the security deposit to € 1000, includes road assistance, windows insurance, 1 additional driver and unlimited kms – € 15 per day

full protection: lowers the security deposit to € 500,00, includes road assistance, windows insurance, 1 additional driver, unlimited kms and driver andpassengers insurance (death or permanent disability; valid for portugal and spain– € 25 per day

* the security deposit is reserved and held in a credit card (visa or mastercard), being canceled  immediately at the return of the campervan if do damage is detected, as written in the rental terms.


Can i drive outside portugal?

By standard, vanbox its only available to drive in portugal, however by upgrading your protection, you can extend your rental contract to spain.


What is the schedule for pick-up and drop-off the campervan?

The delivery or return of the campervan can be done at any time.

Our office is located  less than 10 minutes driving from lisbon airport.

Schedule: mon. / fri. – 9h00 / 17h00

On weekdays, the following prices will be charged:

from 09h00 to 20h00 – € 0,00

from 20h00 to 09h00 - € 50,00

on weekends and public holidays the following prices will be charged:

from 09h00 to 20h00 – € 0,00

from 20h00 to 09h00 - € 50,00



What to do in case of a breakdown?

The first thing to do, apart from keeping calm, is to contact vanbox (available 24/7).

We will guide you through the procedures.

Each campervan also has a drivers manual, with information about the campervan and the procedures do adopt. we also advise you to carefully readthe rental terms.


What do i need to bring, to pick-up the campervan?

A valid european driving license or international driving license – type b

A credit card (visa or mastercard) with credit limit to cover the security deposit;

A valid identification document (passport or id card);


In wich conditions, should i return the campervan?

We deliver the vanbox with a full diesel tank and you must return it the same way.

The interior and exterior conditions must be the same as they were at the beginning of the rental. any damage on the vehicle or equipment will be quantified and its value deducted on the security deposit amount.

The vehicle has to be returned with the interior cleaned and organized (no garbage, sand, mud or any other waste, otherwise a € 50 cleaning fee will be applicable.


What should i do, if i´m late to return my campervan?

You must inform our office as soon as possible. you can be conditioning another customer rental period.

For more information, please read our rentalterms .


Unfortunately, i need to cancel my reservation. what should i do?

You must inform vanbox as soon as possible. the following rules will apply:

if the cancelation is required with, at least, 30 days prior to your settled pick-up date, the full refund is assured;

if the cancelation is required with less than 30 days prior to the pick-up date:

between the 29th and the 15th day prior to the pick-up date, the 50% deposit payed when booking won’t be refunded (cancelation fee), yet vanbox won’t charge the remaining amount.

Less than 14 days until the pick-up date, the total amount for the booking will be charged (50% already payed and the remaining as a non-presence fee).


Do i have to leave a security deposit, when i pick-up the campervan?


The security deposit is mandatory. it varies according with the selected additional protection.

The purpose of the security deposit is to cover the costs applicable for damaging both, vehicle or equipment, during the rental period.

The amount is reserved and held in a credit card (visa or mastercard), being canceled 10days after the end of the contract, after the campervan delivery, as written in the rental terms.


I´ve never drive a campervan before. will i adapt easily?

Very quick and easy to learn, once it´s very similar to a regular car with, approximately, the same dimensions, it’s really easy and fast to adapt.

We chose to equip our campervans with parking sensors to help you park safely.

While delivering you the campervan, vanbox team we will explain in detail the features and functions of the vehicle and its equipment.


Can i bring along my pet?

yet we consider ourselves as a pet friendly company, it is not possible to travel with them on our campervans


Do the campervans have a sound system?

all the campervans have radio with a 7” screen with gps, bluetooth connection and 1 usb (cables are not included).



+351 916 700 141

Where we are

Rua Padre Manuel Duarte nº 24, 2625-174 Póvoa de Santa Iria



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